IS Security and Controls

Symptai offers enterprise level security testing and assessment of data processing assets. Weaknesses in security are often times inconspicuous, Symptai provides actional insights for Executives, management, administrative personnel. Our approach employs strong IT governance frameworks and ensures alignment of IT with business strategy.

IT Strategy

IT management often times requires guidance on governance matters that affect the bottom line. Symptai's expertise is leveraged to deliver a control environment that protects shareholder value. Business objectives are analysed and strategy evaluated in conjunction with sound industry recognised IT Governance frameworks.

Security and Privacy

Symptai provides various customised security and privacy assessments. These include Network Penetration Testing, Architecture, Application and Code reviews. Organisations are assisted in identifying and addressing security and privacy exposures as well as devising and implementing Business Continuity Plans.

Decision Analysis

The best decisions are made when well-informed. To this end, Symptai collaborates with clients to improve their data and information life cycle. This successfully enables our clients to garner greater intelligence from data that can be used to propel business success. Effectively Symptai transforms seemingly garbled data.

Our Services

Penetration And Vulnerability Testing

Our IT security offerings include a variety of assessments aimed at identifying vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure and proposing recommendations to address these risks. This aids in the prevention of data loss, theft, corruption and the effects resulting from various types of malicious attacks.

IT Governance and Risk Management

We work with information officers to guarantee that the organization’s IT infrastructure is suitably aligned with the goals of the organization and is being correctly utilized to achieve them. We also manage the risk of implementation, ensuring that the most ideal controls are configured to safeguard your environment.

Security Strategy & Management

In collaboration with management and the IT department, we devise a strategy to keep your IT infrastructure secure. From on-site breaches to remote attacks, the policies developed will comprehensively cover all areas of susceptibility within the IT infrastructure.


We provide specialized training for users which builds their capacity to analyze the organisation’s IT infrastructure and identify weaknesses throughout the network. We also enable them to produce solutions to address vulnerabilities, implement safeguards and monitor systems using appropriate controls.

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