Risk & Compliance

Through partnership with management and third-parties, we collaborate with organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Company Performance

Improving organisational performance requires addressing deficiencies and improving productivity. A crucial component is how organisation’s reaction to change; Symptai supports response efforts to changes both internally and externally. These may include shifts in strategy, organisational structure or product markets.

Risk Management

We cooperate with organisations to enhance their operational risk management capabilities, streamline compliance programs and respond to situations of non-compliance. We also provide data analysis services that will aid in strengthening the quality of information used in decision-making processes.

Financial Management

Symptai works with companies and executive bodies to develop financial risk strategies consistent with sound internal policies and procedures. Proacttive approaches, rather than reactive, are utilised to support organisations in maintaining their competitive edge and operational stance.

Our Services

Risk and Controls Assessment

We assess your organization for risks and their corresponding controls, as well as identify those which are not currently being monitored. Based on our evaluations, we suggest mechanisms that will result in the improvement of internal controls.

Anti-Money Laundering

Our specialized Anti-Money Laundering module provides a comprehensive solution to typical anti-money laundering problems. It is a sustainable and cost-efficient way to address regulatory compliance and combat money laundering and fraud

Regulatory Compliance

We assist companies in understanding both the value and limitations of their existing compliance models. We will work with you to develop, implement and maintain an effective compliance approach that maximizes the benefits of investments and protects your reputation.

Policy and Business Strategy

We work alongside management to craft strategies that will achieve your organization’s goals, effectively delivering a roadmap to success. We will also assist in the creation of business policies that will ensure transparency, accountability and segregation of duties in achieving your desired outcomes.

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