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We assist organizations identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with technical infrastructure, including wired and wireless networks and related devices, cloud infrastructure, servers and data stores.

We help organizations better identify, assess, and manage risks related to applications whether deployed internally or on the Internet. Services include application penetration test for mobile and web applications. Our team also provides expert guidance and testing in agile environments.

Penetration Testing

To empirically confirm that network and/or applications meet industry security standards and controls are not easily compromised. Provide a thorough understanding of the security posture of network and components through identification of vulnerabilities and confirming ease of exploitation.

Service Description: External Penetration Testing, Internal Penetration Testing, Wireless Penetration Testing, Host/ Endpoint Security Assessment.

Website Application Penetration Testing

Provide insight of real-world vulnerabilities that exist within the application as well as recommendation around resolving issues.

Service Description: Source Code Review, Authenticated & Unauthenticated Tests, Web Services/ API, Business Logic Review.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (iOS & Android)

Identify and remediate common vulnerabilities found in mobile applications that might later lead to major security breaches after the mobile application goes live.

Service Description: Source Code Review, Authenticated & Unauthenticated Tests, Web Services/ API, Business Logic Review.


Increases the speed of the development cycle as security is no longer done at the end of development. Allows for early detection of vulnerabilities, increase collaboration among developers and security analysts, knowledge transfer allowing developers.

Staff Augmentation

Reduce business costs and increase profitability through decreased overhead costs (such as benefits and taxes) associated with maintaining full-time, in-house staff.

Secure Cloud

Improve the design and deployment. Improvement of security posture, assist in generating roadmap for security posture improvement.

Service Description: Cloud Security Posture, Cloud Readiness Assessment, Cloud Optimization.

Cyber Compliance Review

Helps the organization avoid compliance fines and penalties which in turn, protects the business reputation. Performs solely compliance scans and eliminating false positives. No additional testing included.

Security Awareness Training

Instills the knowledge and confidence in employees to recognize security threats or vulnerabilities when they’re presented and how to properly respond and escalate the issue.

Digital Currency Security

Perform architecture design review and security assessment in the context of how the digital currency solution operates. Includes integration and interface assessment to confirm adequacy of the key security controls.

Social Engineering

Employees are more likely to take security recommendations seriously if they experience simulated social engineering attacks. It also helps the organization zero in on specific areas of weakness and prioritize their response accordingly.

Service Description: Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Physical Breach.

Adversarial Simulation

Identify and protect critical assets, reduce incident and event response times, test compliance with company policies. Ultimately to uncover potential business risk based on real world advisory scenarios.

Threat Intelligence

Support decisions with actionable and relevant threat intelligence to improve security maturity for the long-term, adopting to threats as they evolve.

Service Description: Malicious Code Analysis, Exploit Research, Cyber Security Issue Repository, Security Analytics, Indicators of Compromise.

Hardware and Internet of Things Assessment

Improve overall physical security of IoT Devices.

Network Hardening, Strategic Security Consulting

Design and deploy hardened environments, and support security testing and monitoring to improve the resiliency of core business services. Improve the design, deployment and security posture of your cloud infrastructure.

Application / Network Architecture and Design

Identification of risk at various stages of deployment. Improvement of security posture, assist in generating roadmap for security posture improvement.

Physical Security (Data Center)

Improve overall physical security of the network assets & network controls.

Service Description: Server room/ Network Cabinet/ Network Devices (AP), Network Access Control, IT Assets (Laptops, Desktops, Mobile, Endpoints).


Discovers weaknesses within the network as well as help determine the overall effectiveness of security measures implemented.

Detection and Response

Helps to quickly understand the nature of an attack, where and how it occurred, and what is at risk, so, the organization can take concrete and appropriate mitigation and remediation steps, thereby reducing the impact of the incident on the business.

Service Description: Digital Forensics, Incident Handling.

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