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We perform Privacy Impact Assessments, to analyze how personally identifiable information (PII) is collected, used, shared, and maintained.

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We help organizations better identify, assess, manage, and communicate privacy risks, and foster development of innovative approaches to protect individual’s privacy, and increase trust in client products and services.

We partner with the International Association of Privacy Professionals to bring Privacy Training and Certification to our region.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Assessment of the specified areas of the customer's operating environment to determine the impact of current or prospective change(s) and the impact of Data Protection regulations in the determined/identified operating locations.

DP Framework Development

Development of a Data Privacy Framework tool that will guide an organization to ensure compliance with applicable data privacy and protection requirements

DP Strategic Roadmap Development

Development of a roadmap of activities that will align the company's implementation strategic objectives along with the of data privacy and protection initiatives

Data Privacy Officer Consultancy/Outsourcing

Provide outsourced Data Protection Office services to clients for specified jurisdiction(s)

Process/Application DP Assessment

Assessment of a company process, application, system and/or systems design/requirements and identify potential data privacy compliance issues/gaps with the aim to ensure the company can develop their product/service in compliance with regulations

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